Legal Status of E-Cigarettes

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Let’s step back a moment and take a deep breath. (Smoke ’em if ya got ’em!)

Since 2002 the American public has had access to electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs. If you have heard of them you can go to the StepBackAMoment site and order them from the AIR page.

It is a device that has flown under the radar until last year.

The FDA sampled a few of the devices and came to none of the conclusions above. In its July, 2009 report it listed a dozen or so chemicals found in cigarettes, and a few were actually ‘detected’. It neglected to note or mention the other 4000 chemicals found in botannical tobacco products, or even just the 86 carcinogenic ingredients recognized by the World Health Organization. And based on this fuzzy science it seized a couple of shipments of some Florida importers who sell the devices here.

Well the Florida companies invited the FDA into a federal district court to justify their actions. And a physicians’ group filed a ‘friend of the court’ brief denouncing the fuzzy logic used in place of scientific results and demanded to see the numbers. A legitimate scientific report on the vapor can be found here.

Sensing a pause in the anti-e-cigarette momentum, and a demise in their rewards from the tobacco industry, those wacky California state senators sent a bill to the Guv for his signature. Buried in the bill was a change that would not only ban e-cigarettes for sale to minors in California, but adults would be prohibited from purchasing them as well. After all, we’re talking the possibility of turning the tobacco ‘sin’ tax into ‘not detectable’ in a few short years.

Perhaps anticipating the demise of tobacco injury rewards, a law group in SoCal filed a class action suit against the Florida companies in District Court in California, citing the FDA report, and requesting a jury trial.
And it invited other firms to use its filing as a ‘template’ to file even more class action suits. The FDA, in the meantime, suspended its ‘enforcement’ actions against the e-cig importers.

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